Electronics Design

Leicester Lights

Interactive Imagination flexes its creative muscles to present an artistic approach to electronics. This installation is comprises of brushed stainless steel banners set onto streetlights, each one containing a small colour-sensing camera in its base. Using a power supply and driver within the main column, colour information from passing cars is collected and instantly fed to RGB LED arrays hidden behind a polycarbonate diffuser. As each car drives by, a correspondingly coloured pulse travels up the banner: the more different hues of car, the more colours appear in the lights.

With humble beginnings as a 6 channel DMX board, the prototype could replicate the colours placed in front of the camera in real time and also features a capture mode for storing these configurations. The capture mode allows for the 'stacking' of colours on each streetlight and was featured in the final deployment with a 10 channel DMX. See the video below to see how the prototype worked.