Product Design

Mesh Lighting

Designed from the ground up with the help of over 30 years of Intelligent Lighting Control experience, the Mesh Lighting Controller was primarily designed for public lighting installations over long distances. Made possible through one master control node that controls up to 16 million slave nodes via wireless 802.15.4 transmission, making this a perfect solution for multiple light fittings on streets or in large car parks.

Control of the lights is performed by authorised users and gain access to the matrix of lamp nodes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and internet enabled device, ensuring complete flexibility for the monitoring and maintenance of each lamp. The nodes are accessible through google maps providing an easy to use interface for controlling each node.

Every single node on a system can act as a router, passing on information onto other nodes within the system. This means that the network is self-healing and can operate with ease in hostile conditions that include high rise buildings and areas of large amounts of radio and electrical interference. Of course a primary concern when working with any network enabled technology is also the possibility of malicious attacks and sabotage from hackers. Thankfully this is covered by the extensive 128-bit encryption security measure in each node, preventing such attacks. We also went to great lengths to ensure that the graphics on the front of both the slave and master were easy to read, provided useful information and even included branding on each unit.