Electronics Design

Retro Radio

Introducing a retro take on modern digital technology, the Retro Radio was built with quality materials and parts for Spirit Radios. The digital radio features crisp music playback through its powerful, full-range, stereo, bass-reflex speakers. Beautifully designed to emulate the Bakelite radios of the 1920's and 1960's, with a fresh and fun feel through an updated interface including large moving buttons, a rotary dial and a great custom-built revolving LED dot matrix display. A combination of thousands of designs are available that suits everyone's taste through a 'made to order' service, although the shape and architecture remains the same, it is possible to select an aesthetic design that suits you.

Large buttons include, power on/off, favourites to switch between saved stations and available DAB stations, settings such as selecting inputs DAB, AUX and Bluetooth and finally clock adjustment/display with alarm settings. The custom-built revolving LED display is easy to read and is used as part of the interface to navigate through all the different settings and menus. This keeps the radio design from being cluttered and allows for more space and creativity in design.

We understand the great advantage in multi-functionality, it's the standard in all great devices. So to contribute even more to the experience, we included the ability to connect an external audio source via the jack plug or through Bluetooth pairing, meaning you can invite others to share their music and turn the DAB into a remote stereo. To ensure the feasibility of the radio being a portable device, it has an L-Ion battery built in, so you can take your music anywhere without worrying about where to plug it in.

Physical specification

  • Size :  W400 H182 D62 mm.
  • Weight :   1.8 Kg.
  • Body material :  Cast Acrylic by Perspex®.
  • Console inlay : Formica® microdot laminate.
  • Speaker inlay : Formica® Deco metal laminate.
  • Display :  LED dot matrix, polar & animated.
  • Interface : 4 buttons & a rotary dial with select.
  • Power supply :   External 19V DC.
  • Aerial :  DAB external telescopic.
  • Packaging :   Boxed with a felt carrying bag.