UK Electronics Specialists

UK Electronics Specialists

How can we help you?

Complete End-To-End Solution

Let's design your idea together.

Interactive Imagination have been in the business for over 16 years. If you need help with a legacy project or something completely new, our approachable engineers welcome your proposal.

Our services include everything from requirements capture, feasibility study, design of hardware and software, implementation, testing and production support with one year warranty as standard.

We have worked on various technologies in the past and have a breadth of knowledge that you can take advantage of today. Get a taste of our previous projects and see if we are right for you.

Electronic Design

Robust, high quality electronics design.

If your project involves the use of RF technology, motor control, lighting or firmware then you should get in touch as soon as possible. Our engineers are highly skilled in these areas and would love to hear about your project.

Product Design

Let us take your product to the next level.

We can build prototypes of your idea while keeping costs low and exploring new ideas. We take into account aesthetics, practicality, costs and robustness with every product.

Circuit Design

Beautiful bespoke circuit design.

We have a long history of making ideas and dreams come true. We can work together to design a printed circuit board to your exact requirements and because all of our engineers are in the UK we are never too far away if you want to pop in for chat.

Embedded Software

Our expertise also extends to writing embedded software.

Our hardware and software teams work closely together, ensuring shorter turn around for projects and providing a more streamlined process. Everything from the front-end to the back-end is handled with care.