Circuit Design

Printed Circuit Board Design

Our in-house engineers can design bespoke hardware for your next project. We have a breadth of knowledge at your disposal for PCB design and manufacture. Our end-to-end supply chain, manufacturing processes, tests, and tools – all custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements – ensure the highest possible quality and performance standards while always respecting your IP.

The Analysis Of A Project

We approach every project with care and attention to detail, and our experience is spread across both complex and simple ideas. We take your requirements and document them into broken down modular features. This makes it easier to track progress of your project and enable us to conduct regular reviews to ensure that we are moving together in the right direction.

Our Process

After our initial contact we draw up a clear and concise requirements specification. When you are happy with our breakdown we produce some schematic designs of your circuit, you may then wish to review the designs yourself for any changes.

Following the approved schematic we then take the time to draw up a PCB layout and consider space constrictions, shape, extra components such as LED's, buttons, connectors and any other extra bits. Following a final design approval from you, we get a prototype board built.

Firmware Development

Once the low level electronics have been completed there is usually a large portion of time that is spent on the high level design and coding of the firmware, or the language that controls the electronics such as micro-controllers. We follow our originally agreed technical specification and start developing.

There may also be some other extensive part to your project such as software with a graphical user interface or access and control via web browser. For these projects the software becomes a much more involved part of the overall time spent working on your idea, this is because multiple technologies and languages require our multi-disciplined engineers to work together and ensure the end product meets the requirements.

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