Product Design

Interactive Imagination can provide you with total enclosed electronic product design. It is important for us to ensure that we integrate electronics in a safe, cost effective manner.

We have a large focus on human computer interaction, making your products not only look aesthetically pleasing but also user friendly. Our user experience teams are an important part of product design because they make the product usable for the target audience of your product. Components such as buttons, screens and LED status lights are all important factors we consider when building a responsive product.

It's ultimately up to you how much you wish to involve us, we are content to drive the project from the start to the finish and provide long lasting support thereafter or only be part of a module that sits in a much larger system. Tell us where we can help.

Feasibility Study

When you first embark on a new idea everything can seem fairly straight forward but this is wishful thinking and things do go wrong if they are not accounted for at the start of the project. Feasibility studies grant you a form of assurance that the product is built to specification at a minimal risk factor.

Without such a study many projects fall into what we call 'Scope Creep', which essentially means the project slowly moves from its original goals to fit new specification that was not originally intended. It's better to outline and define what your requirements are at the start of the project so that costs can be projected safely. If major reworking’s are required, then you will inevitably incur heavy costs, which is why we recommend on all projects that some budget is put towards a feasibility study.

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